Phat Workout Programs: Be a Gentleman with Perfect Power

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Phat Workout Plan and Schedule

There is a lot of man in this world wanted to have a good body shape. There is a lot of ways that you can do when you want to make it happen.

Consuming pill and testosterone supplement can be a great idea, as what most people done in their life. However, doing workout would be better than consuming the supplement. Phat Workout is one of perfect solution when you want to have a good body shape.

An interesting part of this workout is a combination of bodybuilder and powerlifter created by Layne Norton.

Consuming supplement is not healthy if you use it for a long time. That is why, today people start to change teir direction to start enjoying their workout.

You can always do Phat at home, there is special series that you can use as an instruction to do this workout at home, it must be easy and interesting for you.

What is Phat Workout?

What is Phat Workout

Layne Norton has created this workout as the best solutions to anyone who want to have a good body. Except to build your muscle mass, there is a lot of things that you can have from this exercises.

Some people who are have a good body are often having a problem with their strength. Good body cannot determine if the persons can have a good power and strenght based on their muscle mass.

If you are wonder, why there is a lot of strong people that can be beaten by powerlifter guy, it must be because their muscle mass cannot work really good.

That is why, having a balanced training between powerlifting and bodybuilder can be done if you want to have a good result.

You cannot leave one of the exercises, except you need to take a consequences that you must have a weak power inside your body.

Most man who have a good body shape or bodybuilder can be easily beated by the powerlifter man. It is not something rare to happen, you can always have a great result if you can do an equal excercises.

There is something that you need to know from this excersises, that would combibe between mass and strength. That is why, you can have a good strength inside of a good mass that you already created.

Can it be Done by Everyone?

Can it be Done by Everyone_

Everyone can be able to do this workout as long as they have a strong willingness. Motivation is the only main goal that can help you to do this workout.

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It would be great if you can create your muscle mass with this workout. As long as you are ready with the requirement, you need to make sure of you would find the best conistency. There is a lot of people success to do this workout in couple months after training.

You need to know when you want to do this workout, there is a lot of things that you should sacrifice in your life.

The most important efforts is starting your healthy life. That is why, this workout can be done by anyone above 17 years old.

There is no more worry about your understanding when you want to have a good muscle mass. The use of consistency to do the training and following the instruction is the best solution.

Thinking about what you eat and what is the impact would not be easy. You need to know everything about nutrition.

There is no nutrition that is bad for your body, the things is make sure of your body could get an equal composition for the training.

Once you spend your energy for the workout, make sure if you eat something based on the instruction. It means that lossing weight is a part of this workout for better result.

Most people confuse when they are often go to the gym and they do not have a good result for their mucle mass.

However, they need to know that powerlifting is one of the key and the essential activity that you need to do. It would be able to control your weight, at the same time it can help you to manage your muscle mass.

How Does it Work to Build Your Mucle Mass?

How Does it Work to Build Your Mucle Mass_

The reviews says that, when you are trying to do this workout you can feel something is change in your body. You might feel a different condition, that can renew your power and strength.

A combination of bodybuilder excercise with powerlifting can help you to overcome the solution. There is a lot of people who want to have a good looking as a gentleman, will try to have a good Phat workout.

There is something that you need to know about this workout, start from how does it work and what kind of step that you need to do.

Every workout need steps and combination, that can create higher result. In this workout, you need to know that from the upper side of your body to the lowest part, would contribute to do an excercises. That is why, you need to be ready to take a highest consistency before conducting the workout.

At the day one, you will have an excercises to get your upper body gain more power and strenght. It would combine several categories that you need to do in this part, including couples of bodylifting activity.

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There will be pendlay rows 3×3-5, weight pull-ups 2×6-10, rack chins 2×6-10, bench press 3×3-5, overhead press 3×6-10, chambered bar curls 3×6-10 and skull crushers 3×6-10 that you need to combine.

You need to know that every day would have a different stage that you need to do. That is why, combining workout based on the guidance must be important for the best result that you can get.

There is a lot of people having a good feeling after the workout. Not only to gain a muscle mass, but also to get more strenght that you can feel right after the workout. There is no reason to be late as long as you want it.

Finding full tutorial that you can do for a good step must be better. Become a bodybuilder and powerlifting is not as easy as you thing.

There will be an effort that you need to hold including dicipline and consistency. The reason to get failled or success will be depend on your way to do the excercises.

Do not forget to have a good nutrition that you can consume every day to have a greater result.

Phat Workout Plan and Schedule:

Phat Workout Plan and Schedule

  • Day 1: Power Upper
  • Day 2: Power Lower
  • Day 3: Off
  • Day 4: Back and Shoulder Hypertrophy
  • Day 5: Lower Body Hypertrophy
  • Day 6: Chest and Arms Hypertrophy
  • Day 7: Off
Bent Over Row3-53
Weighted Pull-up6-104
Flat dumbbell presses3-53
Weighted Dips6-102
Seated DB Shoulder Press6-103
Cambered Bar Curls6-103
Skull Crusher6-103
Leg Press6-102
Leg Extension6-102
Romanian Deadlift5-83
Lying Leg Curls6-102
Standing Calf Raises6-103
Seated Calf Raise6-102
Bent Over Row8-124
Weighted Pull-up8-123
Seated Cable Row8-123
DB Shrug12-152
Close Grip Pulldown15-202
Seated DB Press8-123
Upright Row12-152
Lateral DB Raise12-203
Leg Press12-152
Leg Extension15-203
Romanian Deadlift8-153
Lying Leg Curls12-152
Seated Leg Curls12-152
Standing Calf Raise10-154
Seated Calf Raise15-203
Flat DB Press8-124
Incline DB Press8-123
Hammer Strength Chest Press12-153
Incline Cable Fly15-202
Cambered Bar Preacher Curls8-123
DB Concentration Curls12-152
Spider Curls15-202
Seated Triceps Extension8-123
Cable PressDown12-152
Cable Kickback15-202
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Benefits of Phat Workout

Benefits of Phat Workout

1. Gain more power and strength

When you had a dream to create a better body shape. It means that you need to do more effort that can make you sure if it is the right guidance.

You need to know that all of you deserve a better body shape with this workout. There is no doubt if the process can make you sure about the excercises.

Not all body builder can be sure if they have a good power and strenght to do a heavy duty in their life.

However, the use of this excercises must be the best idea for you, when you want to make sure about the result.

Not only to becomr a bodybuilder, at the same times you can make sure of you can have a great power and strenght based on powerlifting excercise.

2. Become professional body builder

One of the most important thing for a man, is for having a good body shape with the six pack. However, it is not easy to create the best body shape without an effort.

That is why, you need to make sure, if you can become a good professional bodybuilder with the best guidance. All of the excercises that you can do with this workout must be able to let you have a good body shape.

3. Get a better way to loss weight

Lossing a weight would be sounds creepy to someone who have a problem to leave their favorite food. However, when you start to do the excersises, there is a lot of people having a benefit that you can get here. Believe is the only one path that you can have to get a better result.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Talking about the pros, there is a lot of people who already get a good result with this excercises. During a couple weeks, they can have a perfect body shape that they can enjoy to become a gentleman.

However, they doing the excercises with a lot of efforts especially consistency and dicipline.

Except to get a good or positive result with this workout. There is a lot of people who have a problem, because their body could not take a hard workout.

The workout level must be increasing during couples day, that is why there is a lot of people having a problem with their health.

Doing phat workout is not that hard as long as you really understand about the guidance. There will be a simple step that you need to follow when you want to make sure for having great result.

Most people will trying to get a good consistency to consume the best nutrition that can support them when they want to have a good result. However, you need to prepare your readiness for a perfect excercises.

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